"We are idealistic because we believe in the power of our dreams. We are passionate because we aspire to live a meaningful existence. We may be uncertain about the future but our resolve is never in doubt. We are naive because we choose not to believe in the idiosyncrasies of what you call "the real world." We want to change the world because we believe that we can."

"Dr. Cynthia Bautista of the Commission on Higher Education told me that industry people are now less concerned about technical skills than problem-solving skills, leadership and creativity.
Sadly, the prospects for stronger creativity training in our schools are quite dim. In both private and public schools, we have teachers who are required to teach too many subjects to classes that have too many students. Creativity needs mentoring, and imagination. You can’t expect that from overworked faculty.”

"“These are venues for speech and discourse within the university, areas where you can have a lot of interaction between groups in the community.  For instance, the largest discourse area is the amphitheater, where the university president can address the entire student and faculty body.  But there are also spaces in the buildings, and open areas where smaller groups can communicate."

"The composition features a range of sounds recorded on campus, including the sounds of the jeepneys. Four jeepney drivers—Renato “James” Lino and Jason Reyes on the Ikot route, and Toki drivers Julius Guevarra and Emmanuel Salvador—are even included among the cast of performers, with the sound of their vehicles to be worked into the texture of the composition."

"“UP education is being thoroughly denationalized to make it a more attractive commodity in the global educational marketplace. Instead of addressing social equity, democratization and improved accessibility, the UP Administration is prioritizing international student mobility,” the statement said."

"UP student leader Red Maines, vice president for Student Affairs of the Respect Equals Discipline (RED), a multi sectoral group of concerned citizens advocating “Respect Equals Discipline” on Philippine roads, said that with Metro Manila’s growing population, “short-term, band aid solutions” would not be enough to ease the capital’s traffic problems, which a UP National Center for Transportation Studies revealed results in P140 billion in losses annually."

"From pole to macho dancing, Eisa investigates the labor and representations of the dancing body in the service industry, and exposes gender formation, seduction politics, and Filipino social mobility."

"Internationalization is not new to most units of UP. Research/creative work collaboration with other universities/HEIs abroad has been done since its founding more than 100 years ago. International mobility has been generally undertaken by faculty members/staff some of whom are PhD graduates of foreign universities."

"The interdisciplinary studies centers are the 1) Biofuels Research Studies Center/Rural Economic Development Renewable Energy Program; 2) Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction Studies Center; 3) Food and Nutrition Security and Safety Studies Center; 4) Center for Integrated Natural Resources and Environmental Management; 5) Agribusiness Center for Entrepreneurship; 6) Bee Program; 7) Computational Interdisciplinary Research Laboratories; 8) Industrial Tree Plantation Center; 9) Instrumentation Development Center; 10) Center for Nanotechnology Applications in Agriculture, Forestry and Industry; 11) Natural Products Interdisciplinary Studies Center; 12) National Organic Agriculture Research, Development and Extension Center; 13) Philippine Center for Tropical Forest Science; 14) Rice Program; 15) Southern Luzon Studies Center; 16) University Pulse Survey Research Program; 17) Agricultural Mechanization Development Program; and the 18) Agricultural Machinery Testing and Evaluation Center."

"The UPLB Babaylan opened “Weeehdding,” a marriage booth during the annual UPLB February Fair running from Tuesday to Saturday in what the student group supporting LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) rights calls a modern version of the precolonial ritual."

"An exhibit at the first floor lobby of Palma Hall in UP Diliman features an exhibit that provides a glimpse of the organization’s history, as well as a venue to know more about traditional Chinese tea ceremony, calligraphy sessions, festival food tasting and traditional ‘jiao bei’ divinations, among others."

"“One of the components of ASEAN integration is the free movement of trade and services across the region. It has an impact on higher education. We’ll have movement of students and faculty members,” he said."

#1000meals4UPTacloban - PhP 100 concert tickets could win you artwork by FA faculty & staff ~ Akei | Student & Youth Affairs

"According to Villegas, the students demands include: A systemized method of distributing food for UP Tacloban students, free housing and tuition until graduation. "

"Even with the support from the UPV community and other benefactors, he has been augmenting his pocket money by working. He and another cross-registrant have been offering laundry services to other dorm residents for P30 per kilo. In one weekend, they were able to work on 30 kilos at the house of a volunteer foster parent."