"There was art, there was fashion, there were caricatures (notice I didn’t say characters) to meet on every corner. What there was not for me was a sense of wonder. There lacked a certain momentum of something new and fresh that has been turned into a corporate initiative much like Burning Man, Comic Con, JazzFest, Gay Pride, etc. I am not quite sure where the focus strayed but Miami Art Basel is a blur of traffic, lines for entry, and desperate attempts at attaining a decent meal without getting a shove in the back to move on because this Disney World attraction has a quota to meet. "

"The British performance and installation artist Ed Fornieles loves to make a mess. In 2011, he sowed disorder on social media by using dozens of fake accounts to enact the Facebook meta-drama “Dorm Daze.” Earlier this year, for his exhibition “Despicable Me 2,” an ode to the fictional Gen Y goddess Britney Rivers, he cluttered Mihai Nicodim Gallery in Los Angeles with totems of modern-day adolescence, including glitter, hearts, confetti and snapshots. And most recently, for a benefit at the New Museum in New York, he wrought chaos by hiring outlandish performers to attend as guests and mingle with the paying attendees, satirizing the conventions of the charity gala."

"There’s been a lot of fluctuation in the Princeton Review party school list, but few universities who take the No. 1 spot ever totally leave the top 20. So while colleges may pursue efforts to get them out of the No. 1 ranking, actually leaving the list could take years."

"Everyone knows that Ibiza is one of the best places to party on the planet. There’s world famous clubs on every corner and every summer the most respected DJs and performers flood the island every night. It’s just a given that you have got the night time sorted, but here is my guide to making the most out of your Ibiza days."

"There’s been a lot of debate among bar folk about the word "mixologist." When it first started showing up to describe the craft of mixing cocktails a few years back, it seemed to be embraced by the most creative and ambitious bartenders as a way of giving a specification for someone capable of doing more than pushing beer and shots across a sticky bar."

"We live in a golden age of booze."

"Crowding and overdevelopment make for a disappointing visit to Boracay Island, Philippines"

" One dance club, Pacha, has dominated the Spanish party paradise of Ibiza since the 1970s. Built on former marshland, this island disco and its all-night parties have become global symbols of hedonistic glamour, and the business has expanded to Buenos Aires, New York and beyond. "

"Melbourne’s Shebeen serves beer made in the developing world, and then donates a percentage to aid organizations, so don’t feel bad ordering another one."

"Brewery Inc., a new project in Houston, is looking to support and grow new "nano-breweries.""

"WITH their huge copper vats and open fires, little-known backyard liquor makers have toiled for generations on Philippine coconut farms to distill their equivalent of Russian vodka."

""Archaeologists believe beer drinking was an important part of society from the Neolithic onwards and may have even been the main reason that people began to cultivate grain in the first place. … ‘But it’s extremely rare to find the remains of production preserved from thousands of years ago so we’re very excited.""

When Guys and Girls Reverse Roles at the Bar ~ Akei | Partying Studies

"No bar caters to everyone. From the trendy bars in Los Angeles to the blue-collar bars in Boston, there’s something different for all stripes. We could go the positive route and say that’s because people are all wonderfully different and collectively represent the beautiful complexities of humankind…"

"Lacierda meanwhile concurred with Naguiat’s proposal, saying that the development will change the landscape of gaming in the country. “It involves the whole family going on a vacation while the adults are playing in the casinos. The children could go around and be entertained as well with the various theme parks or whatever rides that they are proposing,” Lacierda said."