"The Philippine-only radio hit’s demise arguably arose from the diminished power of radio as a medium. Up until the last decade, apart from purchasing a physical record, the best way for one to listen to a particular song required staying tuned to the radio in the hopes of a deejay mercifully playing it in his daily playlist. The music fans’ ability to listen to a song at will demanded dedication: They had to pay to purchase some physical medium to gain control over a song. The power to play a song at any time was neither convenient nor instantaneous. It required a mix of chance and subjection to the deejay’s authority."

"Former OPM president Jim Paredes echoed Cabangon’s sentiments, saying that cooperation among different music groups is stronger now than it has ever been. “I think this is so far the biggest effort,” said Paredes. “Local audiences are starting to appreciate the value of our music.”"

"The play, billed as the first Pinoy rap musical, was written by Layeta Bucoy with music by Jose Carlo Frio and Nina Virgin, and directed by Tuxqs Rutaquio. It was inspired by the music of Gloc-9, who made himself available to the cast and crew for a Q&A prior to the staging."

"As a white female rapper mistakes appropriation for artistry, here’s how black women remain pushed to the sidelines "

""We talk about celebrity, about charts, about digital distribution — what we do not talk about enough is sound," said Luke Wood, president of Beats Electronics speaking on a panel of prolific music producers and artists. Getting consumers to not only care about access to music, but the quality of music has been the challenge facing headphone manufacturers since the advent of digital music."

"You have the power now. What are you going to do with it? For the first time in its long history, the American music business is firmly in the hands of the artists and the consumers. You have the ability to lead the industry wherever you want it to go."

"One possible explanation for Apple’s interest in Beats might be the booming “wearable computing” space. After all, Beats’ signature product is the high-bass headphone unit. If Apple can incorporate the Beats product into its wearable computing system — think Internet connected headphones — then the deal could pose a threat to Google, Facebook, and other companies that are forging ahead on smart glasses and watches."

"Pop icon Erykah Badu just performed for Swaziland’s brutal dictator. Her response to being called out for it is worse than the performance itself."

"More significant, of course, is what the new arrangement says about artists’ control of their back catalog. The deal turns in large part on the copyright recapture, or a provision that lets artists reacquire their copyrights thirty-five years after an album’s release. "

"But Spotify is hopeful that Filipino music lovers would eventually shift from illegal downloads to music streaming. “Our service is free and quicker than downloads, because the songs are cached in the cloud,” Kaur says."

"Record bosses now hope that online streaming could become a big enough business to arrest their industry’s long decline"

"To imagine that the problem is still as simple as the turn of the millennium is not only to fail at working with local music history; it’s also to fail in actually providing a baseline that is real and concrete for the present, one that takes cognizance of the diversity that has happened because and despite digital media, because and despite the decline of the mainstream recording industry between the years 1999 and 2010."

"Top executives of the global recorded music industry said on Tuesday they were optimistic about growth despite figures for 2013 showing an almost 4 percent annual decline in revenues to $15 billion, blamed largely on the Japanese market."