"Of course, in many cities, you can also look at an air-quality report online. But ozone isn’t measured everywhere. "I do think it would be useful to have a network of gardens across the country," she says. "Bio-indicator gardens could give us an idea of where we might need to better monitor ozone pollution in the future.""

"This is a nonsensical question, you might argue. It is perfectly clear why: Innovation is the main engine of sustained economic growth; therefore, if you want to ensure a vibrant economy you must excel in innovation."

"To have a fighting chance in AEC competition, the Philippines needs to substantially and efficiently ramp up investment spending on its suprastructure. If this is achieved along with the country’s other ongoing policy and institutional reforms, the economy would in time be on a stronger platform to face up to challenges in AEC."

"Mr Shenk, once a writer for this newspaper, backs up his assertion with reference to three archetypal creative duos: “the liquid and the container”, “the star and the director” and “the dreamer and the doer”. He uses John Lennon and Paul McCartney, liquid and container respectively, as a theme throughout this book. “Paul took the challenging, defiant material John laid before him and found ways…to make it work in the vernacular of popular music,” he writes. Mr McCartney provided structure and form for Lennon, who, in turn, pushed against Mr McCartney’s more conventional, naive thinking. In one songwriting session, Mr McCartney suggested starting a song with the lines, “She was just seventeen/Never been a beauty queen.” Lennon sneered at the second line and came back with, “She was just seventeen/You know what I mean,” joining sexual experience to innocence."

"The thinking is that subsidies to private companies are more likely to discourage entrepreneurial activity by increasing barriers to entry, and that spending on subsidies could potentially crowd out more useful spending on things like education."

"The White House and the Congressional Research Service both cited many research studies suggesting that patent litigation harms innovation. And three new empirical studies provide strong confirmation that patent litigation is reducing venture capital investment in startups and is reducing R&D spending, especially in small firms."

"Cognitive enhancement could take place through collective cognitive ability — the Internet, for example, and institutional innovations that enable humans to function better together. In terms of individual cognitive enhancement, the first thing likely to be successful is genetic selection in the context of in-vitro fertilization. I don’t hold out much for cyborgs or implants."

"It goes without saying that indie filmmakers are not into it for the money, but it wouldn’t kill them to take an interest in their financial rights. In the 21st century, a movie is "content", and there are ways to earn from it long after the public screening. The movies can be made available on DVD, through official downloads and online streaming. Uploading them to YouTube might actually be a good idea - there’s money to be made on ads - if the filmmakers haven’t signed away that right. In any case, no one wants to go online and find that the movie they went into debt for can be seen for free - before they’ve earned a cent off it."

"“I think, by structure, those movements on the far-right aren’t about creating solidarity, aren’t about creating new worlds. They’re often about preserving at least imagined versions of the world, so they tend [to] not radically experiment with the culture,” he said. “They tend not to have the same level of creativity.”"

"Elance-oDesk freelancers generated more than $750 million worldwide in 2013, of which $76 million (3.3 billion PhP) was produced in the Philippines. From January 2010 to April 2014, the country’s freelancers have earned more than $207 million (9 billion PhP)."

"Apart from the DepEd, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and other private institutions would develop entrepreneurship and financial literacy modules for the tertiary and post-secondary education."

"The obstreperous story line was the dominant one. But there was an audible counter-narrative, which questioned whether luxury could really be disrupted in the same way as media and whether that would be a good thing. For one thing, the craftsmanship that underlies much of luxury relies on centuries-old, labour intensive techniques. If you apply too much technology, you lose what makes the product luxurious. Cutting-edge Hannah Martin makes its pieces by hand and collaborates with London’s Goldsmiths’ Company, which got its royal charter in 1327."

"With this genetic innovation, these methane-producers, or methanogens, ran rampant across the ocean, overturning the carbon cycle. The resulting changes in ocean chemistry would have driven many species to extinction."

"A read through of previous SONAs shows a plethora of achievements led by this administration. Congratulations. But touting our investment-grade credit rating is not entrepreneurship. Encouraging private-public partnerships is not entrepreneurship. Boasting that our stock exchange has hit record highs is not entrepreneurship. Pleasing big business is not entrepreneurship. And that’s tragic, because 97% of the companies in this country are micro, small, and medium enterprises. And they likely generate the lion share’s of job creation."

"The COMET (City Optimized Managed Electric Transport) is an electric vehicle that was built “primarily to replace jeepneys”, GET Philippines country manager Anthony Dy said in an earlier report."