"Throughout the summit, I heard speakers from the marijuana industry use the term “adult-use” as opposed to “recreational,” and here’s why: When’s the last time you went out for recreational beer? Or had recreational cigar after dinner? Adult-use marijuana makes the more direct distinction that non-medicinal marijuana use is for adults only."

"Earlier, Fr. Dan Cansino, executive secretary of the CBCP’s Episcopal Commission on Health Care, expressed concern about the possible adverse effects of the proposed legislation such as leading users to greater substance abuse despite the limitations provided for in the bill."

"Based on the study, which was done in March, the majority of Filipinos regularly drink alcohol. Fifty-eight percent said they drank alcoholic beverages, consuming six bottles or glasses of alcohol per week."

"“Once your brain is vaporised, the lights go out for good. Even an exact physical duplicate of your body and brain would not be you—although it would certainly believe it was.”"

"The Templars, who in recent years won the turf battle, took advantage of the fact that Michoacán is Mexico’s biggest producer of iron ore. Officials say they muscled in and forced the local mine bosses, some of whom are Chinese, to pay from $4 to $7 per tonne of mineral extracted. By some accounts, they also sent shipments of iron ore and other minerals to China themselves, including gold, which was hidden in containers. In return, the Chinese have sent chemical precursors for making synthetic drugs. With iron ore shipments from Lázaro Cárdenas rising to 4m tonnes last year from 1.5m previously, the bonanza was reckoned to be worth many millions of dollars. "

"Decriminalisation may be a useful first step towards a saner approach to drugs. Battling a fearsome murder rate, Jamaica’s police surely have better things to do than arrest people for getting high. In any case, sending drug users to jail is usually an expensive waste of time. But decriminalisation’s flaw is that it does nothing to undermine the criminal monopoly on the multi-billion-dollar drugs industry. The decriminalised cocaine consumed without criminal consequences in Portugal is still supplied by the gangs who cut off heads in Colombia. Only legalisation takes the business out of the hands of the mafia. Jamaica’s plan to decriminalise ganja is good news for the people who harmlessly smoke it. But unless it is followed up eventually by legalisation, there is a danger that it is also good news for the violent crooks who sell it."

"But does drinking weigh on economic growth? The country that consumes the most alcohol per head, Luxembourg, also has the highest GDP per capita. Of course, you might say; if you are rich, you can afford to spend more on drink. Nevertheless, we are looking for evidence of the opposite; that getting legless makes you feckless."

"In trying to work out whether Colorado has got it right or not, there is a risk in asking the wrong question. Marijuana legalisation involves complicated trade-offs and counterfactuals. Counting stoned drivers won’t do; before legalisation, perhaps some of them would have driven drunk, and caused more destruction. Measuring total marijuana consumption isn’t enough; how would those smokers (or eaters) otherwise have spent their time? (If they turn out to be drinking less, that will be good news.) And do not forget all the lives previously ruined by arrests for marijuana possession; the absence of such human miseries under a legal regime will be easily forgotten but should weigh heavily in its assessment."

"There are legitimate concerns about pot’s health effects and the lack of regulation surrounding marijuana edibles. But it appears those problems can be largely managed with good policies and informed personal use, and legal marijuana states like Colorado and Washington are working to make that reality."

"From producing flu vaccines to a potential cancer drug, scientists are discovering that tobacco plants are useful for things other than getting us addicted."

"The agency will issue registered identification cards to qualified patients as well as maintain a registry of cannabis patients’ caregivers who will assist registered qualified patients."

"Under the bill, the government should “legalize and regulate the medical use of cannabis which has been confirmed to have beneficial and therapeutic uses to treat chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition.”"

"With the US fatigued by the clogging of its jails with drug users and petty dealers, and some of its states now pursuing their own experimental approach to the decriminalization of marijuana, those nations still intent on hardline approaches may struggle to muster broad support for their cause - particularly given the escalating clamour for a new global policy that allows countries more flexibility in pursuing their own approaches, including one that emphasizes public health over prohibition and interdiction strategies. "

"Human Rights Watch said the death squad also was responsible for the killing of a journalist, a judge, two police officers, a tribal leader, local politicians and businessmen. Uy apparently was unaware of these killings or was told by "handlers" of the gunmen that the victims were involved in drugs to justify the attacks, it said."