"During the bill’s public hearings, the authors also noted arguments against R.A. 9346 which abolished the death penalty in the country, saying many foreign nationals were emboldened to establish their drug factories in the Philippines."

"Fifty years ago, William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg published The Yage Letters, a book largely consisting of the correspondence between the two on their separate treks through the Peruvian rainforest. Although their travels were a decade apart, both went in search of yagé – an entheogenic drug better known as ayahuasca. Burroughs’ quest for what he would wind up calling the “space-time drug” was motivated, in part, by the promise of a cure for his heroin addiction. But both beat writers were also lured by rumours that the drug provided answers to the mysteries of god, the universe, everything.   "

"“What the MDMA does, because of the physiological effects, it means you are in a present, fearless state — able to look at those events without being re-traumatized, and healing in the present what was the trauma of the past,” Dr. Pacey said."

"The oil could make the plant a profitable "break crop," one grown between rotations of staples like corn and wheat, Graham told Popular Science. In addition to its oils, the plant also produces fibers useful in animal bedding and other applications. The new hemp line is being tested throughout several sites in Europe, and may be ready to roll out commercially in two to three years, he added. "

"Bourbon and books, Fitzgerald and Faulkner, Cheever and Carver: In America, literary distinction and alcoholism have long been linked."

"Yet Sotto, a staunch anti-illegal drugs advocate, said their proposal will encourage illegal drug use and has no scientific basis. The senator is also a former chairman of the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB)."

"To date, most questions about the policy positions of law enforcement and its financial stake in upholding current drug law have received little attention at the Capitol. “I don’t think it’s part of the debate because they wouldn’t publicly admit that it’s even an issue,” Melin said. In addition, she said, “Nobody wants to question the motives or honesty of law enforcement.”"

"Slowly, it’s starting to feel like this isn’t such a hopeless cause. Even in the US, where Nixon first used the term "War on Drugs", the wind is changing - the Republican governor of Texas has stated his intention "to implement policies that start us toward a decriminalisation and keep people from going to prison and destroying their lives.""

"According to Isabela Rep. Rodolfo Albano III at Tuesday’s hearing of the House committee on dangerous drugs, the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) just needs to draw up the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) on the cultivation of the drug and its usage."

"The most substantial decline was found in drug use, with only 4% of young Filipinos admitting to the act as compared to almost 11% in 2002."

"In Hoffman’s domestic or sex life there is no undiscovered riddle – the man was a drug addict and, thanks to our drug laws, his death inevitable"

"“I’m very thankful to these people for honoring me,” Mujica said in Havana, where he was attending a summit of Latin American leaders last week, according to Argentine daily La Nación. “We are only proposing the right to try another path because the path of repression doesn’t work. We don’t know if we’ll succeed. We ask for support, scientific spirit and to understand that no addiction is a good thing. But our efforts go beyond marijuana — we’re taking aim at the drug traffic." "

"The researchers took a close look at state-level suicide data over a 17-year period, from 1990 to 2007, from the National Vital Statistics System’s mortality detail files. They analyzed data from the 12 states that had legalized medical marijuana during that time and compared it with states that continued to criminalize the drug. In states that had legalized marijuana for medical use, there was a 10.8 percent reduction in the suicide rate of men in their 20s and a 9.4 percent reduction in men in their 30s, the study found."

"In the Philippines, the existing law, the Tobacco Regulation Act or Republic Act No. 9211, gives the tobacco industry a seat in the Inter-Agency Committee on Tobacco."

"Known for being one of the best partiers in the planet, Filipinos lived up to their reputation after a recent study of Euromonitor, a research company on market strategies, showed that the fun-loving race was third on the world’s heaviest drinkers."