Jul 30

Inglesero, Hispanggol, and the myth of the great cultural divide ~ Akei | Araling Pilipino -

"My instant reaction, having outgrown this kind of bullshit nationalism – which is nothing but an appeal to a misplaced ethnocentrism – is that I did not betray anything."

Dictionary of Untranslatables ~ Akei | Global Studies -

"Although purists and prescriptivists are always seeking the aboriginality of language, the tongues themselves are promiscuous, happy in one another’s company. "All words are fossil poetry," Emerson declared, and by the same light, all words belong to someone else. Any cosmopolitan discourse makes use of the untranslatable, comprising a buzzing, evanescent community of idiolects, jargons, and lingue franche. The Internet is, of course, a marvelously efficient loanword generator."

Jul 29

Once, bookkeepers were valorized in great art.—The vanished grandeur of accounting ~ Akei | Administration -

"This was not simply a wealthy nation crowing about its financial success. The Dutch were the leading merchants of their time, and they saw good accounting as the key to both their wealth and the moral health of their society. To the audience of the time, the paintings carried a clear message: Mastering finance was an achievement requiring both skill and humility."

Which do our brains prefer? Research is forcing us to rethink how we respond to the written word ~ Akei | Information -

"Yet research has already told us a lot about how we read now. First and foremost, it emphasises that even using paper, there are many different approaches. Most of us probably have a settled style: you might be a skimmer, a skipper, a front-to-back completist, a keeper of the pristine page or an obsessive writer of marginalia. Whatever the case, our habits have probably been created largely as combination of childhood experience and how the medium we read in is nudging us. Simply being more aware of the alternatives might help us to read better, avoiding distraction to get immersed in fiction, for example, or self-consciously breaking the flow of non-fiction reading to make sure we’re processing the information. "

Food Security Is National Security ~ Akei | Food -

"According to USAID, food security is "having at all times, both physical and economic access to sufficient food to meet dietary needs for a productive and healthy life." When this access is denied, food insecurity can become a catalyst of social unrest. Nowhere is this more evident than in the oscillating political seismograph that is the Middle East."

Jul 28

What The City of the Future Looks Like Today ~ Akei | Urban Studies -

"This year really heralds the fourth evolution of the Internet: the Internet of Everything (IoE). The Internet first gave us basic connectivity and then a networked economy and immersive experiences, but today, IoE promises to be more disruptive, pervasive and vital to our lives than the Internet itself."

99% of the expected pollution turns out to be missing. Where did it all go? ~ Akei | Environment -

"The researchers’ best theory for where it all went? Fish are eating it. And then, plastic not being digestible, either, they’re pooping it out. In its new, denser form, it sinks to the bottom of the ocean. It’s less clear what happens to the toxic chemicals that tend to accumulate in oceanic plastics, although previous studies have suggested that they seep in to the fishes’ bodies — and perhaps, if we end up eating those fish, into our bodies. “There is potential for this plastic to enter the global ocean food web,” explains Duarte. “And we are part of this food web.”"

How One Generation Was Single-Handedly Able To Kill The Music Industry ~ Akei | Music -

"You have the power now. What are you going to do with it? For the first time in its long history, the American music business is firmly in the hands of the artists and the consumers. You have the ability to lead the industry wherever you want it to go."

Jul 27

In praise of the “beta male” ~ Akei | Gender & Sexuality -

"In so many ways, we expect too much of men: They are to be the unwavering provider and the protector. In so many other ways, we expect too little of them: They aren’t good with emotions, they aren’t nurturing and other such utter nonsense. When a man is both less and more than — in other words, free from — those expectations, some will call him “feminist,” others will dub him “enlightened” and plenty will derisively toss out the word “beta.” What we’re really talking about here, though, is simple: partnership."

Lessons Learned at the First Cannabis Industry Summit ~ Akei | Drug Policy -

"Throughout the summit, I heard speakers from the marijuana industry use the term “adult-use” as opposed to “recreational,” and here’s why: When’s the last time you went out for recreational beer? Or had recreational cigar after dinner? Adult-use marijuana makes the more direct distinction that non-medicinal marijuana use is for adults only."

Filipinos most socially-conscious consumers in the world ~ Akei | Society -

"79% of Filipinos are willing to pay extra for goods and services from socially-committed, environment-friendly brands"

Jul 26

Research Into Innovative New Materials to Benefit U.S. Manufacturers ~ Akei | Innovation -

"Yet it takes nearly two decades from the time researchers develop a new material until that material actually makes its way into manufactured products. That long lag is a major barrier in U.S. manufacturers’ efforts to remain competitive in an intense global market – and strengthening the nation’s manufacturing sector is among U.S. President Barack Obama’s top priorities."

Americans Think We Have the World’s Best Colleges. We Don’t. ~ Akei | Higher Education -

"Yet a recent multinational study of adult literacy and numeracy skills suggests that this view is wrong. America’s schools and colleges are actually far more alike than people believe — and not in a good way. The nation’s deep education problems, the data suggest, don’t magically disappear once students disappear behind ivy-covered walls."

I hate this country ~ Akei | Araling Pilipino -

"I hate how my hard-earned taxes go to the Louis Vuitton bags of people like the supposed mastermind of the pork barrel scam. I hate how only an elite few control the levers of power in this country and forget to take care of the other 80-million-plus people living in the same space. I hate how a few centuries ago, we were a proud and strong race, but are now reduced to being servants of all—caregivers and nurses in countries outside our own."

Jul 25

Messy protest shows rising HK fears about China ~ Akei | Global Studies -

"In a rare scene of disorder, Hong Kong authorities cleared out hundreds of protesters who blocked part of the city’s financial district early Wednesday, a high-profile reflection of rising anxiety over Beijing’s tightening grip on the little enclave of incomplete democracy at the southeastern edge of Communist China."