Apr 24

Rebuilding from Super Typhoon Haiyan’s devastation ~ Akei | Environment -

"Rehabilitation should also ensure that affected areas will be able to withstand, adapt and recover quickly from disasters caused by extreme weather events brought by a shifting climate, experts say."

Follow the law and play OPM songs, PNoy reminds radio stations ~ Akei | Music -

Apr 23

Is gay porn the new indie film? ~ Akei | Gender & Sexuality -

"Naked Sword touts itself as "the HBO of gay porn," and its latest project could vault the site into the mainstream "

Proud Igorota named to UN post ~ Akei | Society -

"At least 43 indigenous peoples have been reported as victims of political killings since President Benigno Aquino III assumed power, the CPA said. The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) said in 2012 the violations against IP rights have become an alarming trend in the country. "

Apr 22

Engineering the future: DMCI Homes-Kaakbay contributes to UP College of Engineering ~ Akei | Innovation -

"Recognizing the crucial role of continuing education especially within a sector that has huge national and international significance, the grant program of DMCI Homes-Kaakbay actualizes what teacher-grantee Orozco says, “Engineering education and practice can be further improved by investing more on research projects and through stronger collaboration between the academe and the industry.” "

The Six Stages of Graduate Education ~ Akei | Higher Education -

"I think it’s important to provide the financial support needed to allow graduate students to finish quickly without significant debt; programs should limit enrollments, if necessary, to make that possible. The dissertation should not be such an isolating experience; it’s time for doctoral programs to accept more collaborative forms of scholarly production. Instead of shaming students away from nonacademic career paths, programs should encourage them to explore alternatives to traditional academic careers. Most of all, the entire profession should organize itself to reverse the trend towards casualization of academic employment."

Apr 21

Japan’s Radioactive Nightmare ~ Akei | Environment -

"I first saw “Nuclear Nation,” a haunting documentary about the Fukushima meltdown, at its New York première, late last year. It felt very Japanese to me. Instead of looping the most sensational footage—frothy waves demolishing harbors and main streets, exasperated talking heads—“Nuclear Nation” chronicles, through three seasons, the post-disaster struggles faced by so-called nuclear refugees from the tiny town of Futaba, one of several officially condemned and abandoned communities near the site of the disaster."

Music industry optimistic despite revenue fall ~ Akei | Music -

"Top executives of the global recorded music industry said on Tuesday they were optimistic about growth despite figures for 2013 showing an almost 4 percent annual decline in revenues to $15 billion, blamed largely on the Japanese market."

Apr 20

HIV Awareness Billboard In Tokyo’s Red Light District Censored For Indecency ~ Akei | Gender & Sexuality
"But barely-dressed fembots in public are OK."

HIV Awareness Billboard In Tokyo’s Red Light District Censored For Indecency ~ Akei | Gender & Sexuality

"But barely-dressed fembots in public are OK."

Half a million college graduates face slim pickings in the job market – report ~ Akei | Student & Youth Affairs -

"The Commission on Higher Education estimates that more than 553,706 college students are graduating this March and April, and while education is touted as a gateway to employment, the recent labor survey from the National Statistics Office says otherwise."

Apr 19

When did faith start to fade? ~ Akei | Society -

"The problem is that godlessness as a felt condition is very different from atheism as an articulate movement. "

'MFA vs NYC' investigates the relationship between creativity and collectivity ~ Akei | Innovation -

"In 2010, Chad Harbach published an essay called “MFA vs. NYC” that was widely circulated through both of the “cultures of American fiction” it described: a culture focused on (and funded by) the academy and its proliferation of creative writing programs; and a culture focused on (and funded by) the New York publishing industry. The essay garnered a flood of responses, many defensive, and was itself framed as a response to the 2009 publication of Mark McGurl’s The Program Era, a book that became seminal in academic circles for its argument that “the rise of the creative writing program stands as the most important event in postwar American literary history.”"

Apr 18

Why Science And Technology Research Needs More Global Diversity ~ Akei | Higher Education -

"Scientists at the University of the Philippines’s Institute of Biology work in one of the most richly biodiverse countries in the world. Yet as recently as last year they lacked one key piece of laboratory equipment—an HPLC, a machine common in biology research labs in the United States—that would help the world understand and benefit from this natural ecology."

The French Revolution is not over ~ Akei | Global Studies -

"Does anything remain of the left’s longstanding love affair with the French Revolutionary tradition? Does anything remain, more generally, of France’s once pre-eminent cultural and intellectual life? That such questions are being asked, both in the media and in academia, explains the intensity of recent historiographical struggle over Furet’s legacy."

Apr 17

Is the London Review of Books the best magazine in the world? ~ Akei | Information -

"The London Review of Books has become the most successful – and controversial – literary publication in Europe. Just what is Mary-Kay Wilmers, its 75-year-old editor, getting so right?"