Aug 23

Synthetic drugs are now common in Chinese cities. They are being exported, too ~ Akei | Drug Policy -

"Just as China has become the place to manufacture cheaply everything from tennis shoes to iPads to Bibles, so it is with drugs. Clandestine labs produce vast quantities of ketamine and other synthetics which are now fuelling a worldwide boom. Some are now calling China the new front in the global war on drugs."

PH to launch all-in-one government services portal in 2015 ~ Akei | Innovation -

"In time, citizens will be able to avail themselves of government services in front of their own laptops instead of having to wait in line in front of government offices"

Science Is Not About Certainty ~ Akei | Higher Education -

"The separation of science and the humanities is relatively new—and detrimental to both "

Aug 22

Can books cross borders? ~ Akei | Global Studies -

"Have we arrived in an era of global literature, or is it important that writers share a common language, culture – or at least context – with their readers? "

Has a tech entrepreneur come up with a product to replace our meals? ~ Akei | Food -

"Rhinehart, who is twenty-five, studied electrical engineering at Georgia Tech, and he began to consider food as an engineering problem. “You need amino acids and lipids, not milk itself,” he said. “You need carbohydrates, not bread.” Fruits and vegetables provide essential vitamins and minerals, but they’re “mostly water.” He began to think that food was an inefficient way of getting what he needed to survive. “It just seemed like a system that’s too complex and too expensive and too fragile,” he told me."

The puzzle of the Philippines' 'disappearing' raptors ~ Akei | Environment -

"Come spring, those raptors that miraculously survived the journey south make the perilous return back north. As many as three in ten don’t make it back to their breeding grounds in the summer, according to experts: many perish from the innumerable hazards of long-range migration, including hunting and destruction of foraging areas in their wintering grounds."

Aug 21

Higher R&D spend may help PHL in Asean integration bid ~ Akei | Innovation -

"Underinvestment in Philippine R&D, they said, could neither meet the country’s present requirements nor the challenges posed by the Asean integration push."

The Uses of Being Wrong ~ Akei | Higher Education -

'ASEAN integration to prepare PH for Trans-Pacific Partnership' ~ Akei | Global Studies -

"TPP, meanwhile is an ambitious effort that, if finally concluded, will not only reduce tariffs among participating markets, but also establish standards for a number of issues, such as intellectual property, environment protection, and labor rights."

Aug 20

The way it is: The Philippine Internet and making it better ~ Akei | Information -

Legalizing sex work would slash HIV toll—study ~ Akei | Gender & Sexuality -

Legalising a drug is harder than it looks ~ Akei | Drug Policy -

"Campaigners have pursued a state-by-state strategy, but for many medical marijuana is more about paving the way for legalisation than about helping the sick. In most states officials and dispensary-owners conspire in the fiction that customers are all “patients” and shops merely non-profit “co-operatives”. The doctor’s “recommendations” needed to procure marijuana are easy to obtain."

Aug 19

UP STS: Rich until proven poor ~ Akei | Student & Youth Affairs -

"“The findings of this group that includes Dr. Fidel Nemenzo of the UPD Institute of Mathematics, is that STFAP is one of the main drivers in the present skewed distribution of UP students in favor of the well-to-do or upper socio-economic class of the Philippine society,” Macuha expounds. “Their recommendation is to implement a uniform and affordable tuition rate ‘befitting UP as a state supported institution for higher learning regardless of socio-economic class.’ And if they do that, only then can UP truly be able to democratize education.”"

PH drops 10 places in global innovation rankings ~ Akei | Innovation -

"The Philippines showed significant improvements in the Institutions indicator as its ranking rose 28 notches to 108th place from a previous rank of 128th in the GII 2013; Market sophistication, which measures the ease of getting credit, ease of protecting investors, market capitalization and trade and competition, slightly improved at 93rd place from 95th last year."

The replication crisis ~ Akei | Higher Education -

"Think science always knows the whole truth? Errors are surprisingly common and many go undiscovered because they just aren’t seen as important enough, or because people take pains to hide them…"