"You have the power now. What are you going to do with it? For the first time in its long history, the American music business is firmly in the hands of the artists and the consumers. You have the ability to lead the industry wherever you want it to go."

"In so many ways, we expect too much of men: They are to be the unwavering provider and the protector. In so many other ways, we expect too little of them: They aren’t good with emotions, they aren’t nurturing and other such utter nonsense. When a man is both less and more than — in other words, free from — those expectations, some will call him “feminist,” others will dub him “enlightened” and plenty will derisively toss out the word “beta.” What we’re really talking about here, though, is simple: partnership."

"Throughout the summit, I heard speakers from the marijuana industry use the term “adult-use” as opposed to “recreational,” and here’s why: When’s the last time you went out for recreational beer? Or had recreational cigar after dinner? Adult-use marijuana makes the more direct distinction that non-medicinal marijuana use is for adults only."

"79% of Filipinos are willing to pay extra for goods and services from socially-committed, environment-friendly brands"

"Yet it takes nearly two decades from the time researchers develop a new material until that material actually makes its way into manufactured products. That long lag is a major barrier in U.S. manufacturers’ efforts to remain competitive in an intense global market – and strengthening the nation’s manufacturing sector is among U.S. President Barack Obama’s top priorities."

"Yet a recent multinational study of adult literacy and numeracy skills suggests that this view is wrong. America’s schools and colleges are actually far more alike than people believe — and not in a good way. The nation’s deep education problems, the data suggest, don’t magically disappear once students disappear behind ivy-covered walls."

"I hate how my hard-earned taxes go to the Louis Vuitton bags of people like the supposed mastermind of the pork barrel scam. I hate how only an elite few control the levers of power in this country and forget to take care of the other 80-million-plus people living in the same space. I hate how a few centuries ago, we were a proud and strong race, but are now reduced to being servants of all—caregivers and nurses in countries outside our own."

"In a rare scene of disorder, Hong Kong authorities cleared out hundreds of protesters who blocked part of the city’s financial district early Wednesday, a high-profile reflection of rising anxiety over Beijing’s tightening grip on the little enclave of incomplete democracy at the southeastern edge of Communist China."

"A third group of economists challenges the Keynesian presumption that leisure is preferable to labor. Work may not set us free, but it lends meaning to our days, and without it we’d be lost. In the view of Edward Phelps, of Columbia University, a career provides “most, if not all, of the attainable self-realization in modern societies.” Richard Freeman, of Harvard, is, if possible, more emphatic. “Hard work is the only way forward,” he writes. “There is so much to learn and produce and improve that we should not spend more than a dribble of time living as if we were in Eden. Grandchildren, keep trucking.”"

"Citizens the world over are rallying around the sharing economy as a solution to the pressing challenges they face. Cities, which are perfectly positioned to enact big changes on a human scale, have the potential to lead this movement."

"Ginsburg opens with a bang, immediately describing the decision as one that will have sweeping consequences:
In a decision of startling breadth, the Court holds that commercial enterprises, including corporations, along with partnerships and sole proprietorships, can opt out of any law (saving only tax laws) they judge incompatible with their sincerely held religious beliefs.”

"Earlier, Fr. Dan Cansino, executive secretary of the CBCP’s Episcopal Commission on Health Care, expressed concern about the possible adverse effects of the proposed legislation such as leading users to greater substance abuse despite the limitations provided for in the bill."

""I’m not happy about the result. I was categorized at bracket C last year. Now, I’ve been placed at bracket B even though we had a difficult time paying for my tuition when I was still in C." said Carl Paolo Hernandez, an incoming junior taking up Choral Conducting in UP Diliman. "

"Twenty-five years after Tiananmen Square and the Berlin Wall’s fall, liberal democracy still has no real competitors"

"Okay, you can’t really "teach" entrepreneurship. It’s an experience, not so much a content-area like history. As Sir Richard Branson put it in a recent interview about implementing enterprise culture at schools, "The best way of learning about anything is doing." That said, teachers all around the world are finding ways to bring entrepreneurship into their instruction. Why? Because in a world with fewer jobs and the increasing ability to make a living off of your passion, it just makes sense. "